D Magazine, Fort Worth’s Jet Health Acquires Arlington’s Blessings Hospice

Regional home health provider and hospice service Jet Health has acquired Blessings Hospice, a hospice care company that launched in Arlington in 2019.

The deal is Jet Health’s fifth hospice-related acquisition since its founding in 2016. D CEO recently caught up with Stacie Bratcher, Jet Health’s CEO, to discuss the move, Jet Health’s growth, and what Jet is looking forward to in 2022. This conversation has been edited for brevity and clarity.

D CEO: Why did this acquisition make sense for Jet Health and how will Blessings Hospice be able to elevate Jet’s brand?

BRATCHER: “It expands Jet Health’s service capabilities in Texas for our hospice line and affords us the ability to provide the appropriate levels of care for patients, as they transition from skilled home health, to palliative, into hospice care. Jet has an established home health in Texas through its Klarus brand, and this acquisition will be folded into that to extend the continuum of care.”

D CEO: How do you plan to make a difference in your patients’ lives now that Blessings is on board? 

BRATCHER: “Ensuring patients receive the most appropriate services for their current health situation is paramount. The addition of this hospice organization will allow us to make a difference to the patients and their families by offering multiple services in the area, so a patient would not need to change agencies should their conditions change over time.”

D CEO: Can you touch on how all five hospice-related acquisitions are elevating Jet Health?

BRATCHER: “The acquisitions allow Jet to provide multiple service levels to our patients and their families in the markets we serve. This allows our providers to refer their patients with confidence, knowing we can meet their needs over a long range.”

D CEO: What are you most excited about heading into 2022? 

BRATCHER: “We are most excited about the opportunities for remote monitoring and telehealth, enabling patients to have more access to data and care in their homes.”

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Stacie Bratcher, Jet Health

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