Home Health Care News, Jet Health CEO Outlines In-Home Care Provider’s Aggressive Growth Strategy

Since entering the home-based care space in 2016, Jet Health has mounted its business on an aggressive growth strategy.

The company’s aim is to deliver a fully comprehensive post-acute model that eliminates gaps in care.

“Jet Health was really founded based on the thesis of rolling up smaller home health and hospice companies into more of a platform that could leverage the back-office functions and best practices of those agencies that were performing extremely well in their communities,” Stacie Bratcher, CEO of Jet Health, told Home Health Care News.

Founded in 2016, Fort Worth, Texas-based Jet Health is a home health, hospice and personal care provider that operates in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Idaho.

This year alone, Jet Health’s M&A pipeline included three acquisitions and several de novos.

These strategic acquisitions have enabled Jet Health to position itself as a one-stop-shop for home-based care. The company has done this by co-locating its home health operations with its hospice or personal care offerings.

When planning for next year, Jet Health plans to further lean into its co-location strategy. The ability to provide care at every level aligns with the company’s broader mission, according to Bratcher.

“We want to make sure that when patients come to us, we can provide a full suite of services that allows them to remain in their home, whether that’s personal care, home health, hospice or some combination of all of the services,” she said. “We want to make sure we’re meeting patients where their needs dictate, so that we can give them the best outcome. For us, it’s important to have all of those levels of care in the markets that we serve.”

Aside from a healthy acquisition pipeline, Jet Health is not unlike its home-based care industry peers in its embrace of telehealth.

“We have some very acute patients, so we rely a lot on the support of telehealth, in addition to our in-person visits, as well as remote patient monitoring,” Bratcher said. “These are patients who may have been in the ICU just a few hours before they were discharged to home. We can’t just go in and do a couple of visits a week. We’ve got to have eyes and ears on these patients.”

Using telehealth, the company has been able to enhance care delivery by monitoring vital signs. Armed with this information, which gets sent to Jet Health’s triage center, the company is able to deploy nurses to patients’ homes or get them in with a physician when necessary.

Bratcher believes the value telehealth adds to Jet Health is evident in the confidence it inspires among the company’s referral partners and payers.

“It gives us a breadth of skill and information about the level of care that we’re providing,” she said.

COVID-19 also remains top of mind for Jet Health. In particular, Bratcher is focused on ensuring that the company’s staff is safe and healthy.

“Our top priority has been making sure that our staff is safe and healthy,” Bratcher said. “Our next priority is making sure that our patients are safe and healthy. Through that, we have supported the vaccine.”

For Jet Health, this means ensuring that the company’s staff have all the necessary information surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.

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